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List of 9 common Acronyms used in email and Chatting

Acronyms used in email

In today’s advanced generation, everyone wants to use email chat and texting for communicating with the subordinates. This has given the rise to the usage of short forms or acronyms. However, all of us don’t know or have a proper understanding of these terminologies. Let’s dive into details of common acronyms used in email and texting.

Here’s a list of 9 common acronyms used in day to day life for faster communication.

  1. ASAP: ASAP is a short form for ‘As soon as possible’. This acronym is used if you want a quick reply to your mail. You can add this word at the end of the email or at the beginning of your email.
  2. RSVP: This acronym can also be seen on wedding cards at the end of the page. It means the members who are going to welcome the guest in the meeting or at the conference. RSVP otherwise, stands for ‘Respondez S’il Vous Plait’. It also uses for the confirmation of the presence of receiver at the meeting.
  3. FYI, PSC or PSI: This is an abbreviation used for corporate offices. If you are using FYI, then it means you are addressing some particular person. FYI means for your information. You can also use FYI for emphasizing the particular object.
  4. C/o or A/c: C/O stands for Care of. If the sender is composing the mail on behalf of company or organization, then you need to add C/O at the end of the email. C/O implies a company not a single person.
  5. ATT: ATT means attention. In email terms, it is a slang used to say goodbye. This word can be used at the end in place of ‘Regards’.
  6. ABS: This is an acronym for ‘Hugs’. It means to send lots of love or say goodbye to someone special. ‘ABS’ can be written after the last passage. When you add ‘ABS’, there is no need to add anything else even ‘Regards’ or ‘Hugs’.
  7. P.S: It stands for ‘Post scriptum’. If you failed to mention an important thing or piece of information in the main body of the message, then you can add that piece of information by adding prefix ‘P.S. When you add this acronym, then the receiver will definitely pay attention to that post.
  8. OBS: It signifies ‘Observation’. This word is used to draw the attention of a person towards some object or information. If you want to send some important document and need the same to be read by the receiver immediately, then, add ‘OBS’ at the end.
  9. TKS: It stands for ‘Thanks’. This is an informal word to say thanks to the one who is offering hospitality to you.

So, these are the most commonly used acronyms which you can use in texting and emailing. If you have not used this acronym earlier, then must try these at least once.


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